Justice delayed is justice denied!

Lt. Benny Matthew GOVER (Ret.)  U.S. Public Health Service

Engineering Officer


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Failure to Properly Prioritize Truths has caused error in our Federal Government

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Our Government is all messed up.

Improper actions are plundering our posterity!


Cumulative error in our law is now oppressing us. A self-protective legal system is now preventing justice.


Us borrowing against the future— to increase the wealth of a few, is breaking this country.


Those increasing our national debt are not planning on repaying it themselves!!!





Our Founders ancestors crossed oceans in wooden ships taking months on the voyage, to escape religious persecution in order to live in an environment that would allow their religion to flourish.


How can a government that was originated by our religious ancestors, ever end up without the influence of morality assisting in guiding the law imposed upon its own citizens?


What happened to our Founders moral influence?


The Supreme Court removed the Constitutions requirement for truth by an improper decision that affects our laws— it removed the prioritized requirement for justice that the Preamble instilled.


They ruled that the Preamble is some nice words, but

~law rules over all~.



If arrested in DC, they do not even test for marijuana on the first drug testing, because so many test positive as they enter the system. 


By the illegality of marijuana, these results violate the parole of many and cause the system to be costly and overloaded for no benefit to society, other than profit for those in the legal/judiciary/prison industries.



Problems with Washington are discussed at:


U.S. Senator Rand Paul Speaks at Cato University 2011


No real cuts in baseline spending, just cuts in proposed increases.



Look at how the world will appear in the future;  Kamal Saleem discusses the threat of Radical Islam and Shariah Law.






Arrest video and general statement of the case.

Identification of problems in our system of government.

Specifying factual circumstances.

Documentation of what I have attempted through this action.

supreme court docket and denial link:



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Filed in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia,
District Court No. 1:10-cv-02048
Appeal filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit,
Court of Appeals No. 11-5025

Submitted court documents can be viewed

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Where is the truth requirement for law development or Civil

court decisions?


Does the misguiding of law development through misinformation, hype, and spin,

all done for the enhancement of commerce,

serve the people as the

Constitutions writers intended?


The Preamble no longer influences court decisions or  the development and interpretations of laws

as the Founders intended.

Their, and our desires is evidenced  as shown by


Priority placement in the

Preamble of the Constitution.


 Morally guided justice was not removed by our Representatives votes, but instead

by a Supreme Court Decision.


I believe it was against the peoples will.


To remove justice from the influence of our laws is definitely against what our God asks of us!


It appears that the rule of law has failed every country that has adopted it without morality influencing, and we are no exception. Without the justice requirement for fairness and moral guidance, the peoples majority are oppressed for the benefit of a few.

Examine yourself and where you are! 

Open you mind and examine the videos— 

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It may be too late!


We may not be smart enough to overcome the situations that we have been placed in by our own


political and legal system.

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View this link for Judge Napolitano's description of our situation— the one that got him dismissed from Fox News.


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